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Gosh 1995, Rycotewood furniture show. Th

Lynn was an amazing tutor at Bucks, always inspiring the most creativity out of even the most bizarre and normal ideas! I had the best year with her, and I know anyone who she pairs with for employment will be a perfect match.

Anonymous, January 2023


Lynn is truly inspiring - not often that you get to meet such a creative, hard working and passionate leader. I miss those days with the #nationalschooloffurniture - a terrific vision and idea that Lynn made come to life.

Anonymous, January 2023


I really would like to thank you for introducing me to the company!
I think this is a great opportunity for my career.
For sure I’ll keep you posted about how it all goes.

Anonymous, January 2023


On my third week of my new journey now and couldn’t be happier here.

Needless to say all the team are amazing and lovely peeps they are. Must say it’s quite impressive here too. Some very jazzy stuff being made.

Thank you so much again for putting me in touch.

Loving every second of it here. 

Many thanks.

Anonymous, November 2022


Thank you very much for restructuring my letter and making it look very professional, all I can say is WOW!

You really do know your stuff.

Rob, October 2022


Without hesitation, I’d recommend Lynn’s services in a heartbeat! Lynn has an uncanny ability to make connections and link clients with total ease. In fact, she’s always my first port of call of recommendation to friends and colleagues based on the connections and successes her specialised service has afforded me. Organised, professional, discrete and always kind, you can rely on Lynn to keep her finger on the pulse to help guide and counsel you on applying for that dream job. I couldn’t trust anyone more!

Hannah, Furniture Designer 


I can't thank you enough for helping me get this job! Editing my CV and portfolio and arranging everything, I really couldn't have done it without you!...

Simon, Furniture Design graduate


Lynn was a great help to me when I was seeking an internship in London. She put me in touch with the perfect people for my needs/my ethos in design and I had a great time!

Isaac, Product and Furniture Designer


The interview went really well, they were really chatty and nice! I would just like to say thank you for been so helpful and creating the opportunity for me. You make everything really easy.

Grant, Yorkshire


Just to let you know that the trial went well and was really fun. I learned so, so much and was only there for four days. I got the news yesterday that the MD is giving me the job!! I'm really pleased! I will be starting next week, so a very quick turnaround. I just want to say thank you VERY much indeed for putting me in touch with Lynn, she has been absolutely amazing.

Finn, CAD Designer, Derbyshire


Lynn helped me get my placement for my year in industry and I couldn't have done it without her. She is amazing at what she does and helped me at every step of the way. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have and its all thanks to Lynn! I could not recommend her enough.

Sam, Furniture Design Graduate, NTU


I love my job and without Lynn I would not have made the connection with the company I'm now with. Her support and guidance throughout the interview stages was invaluable and the match between the company and myself is so good. Thank you Lynn, the service you offer is very important to the individual and to the industry as a whole.

Pippa, Project Manager


I first met Lynn whilst studying for my BA and then my MA in Furniture Design and we always kept in touch. One day she emailed me to ask if I would be interested in a job. I obviously jumped at the opportunity and Lynn even helped me with checking my CV. She then helped me secure an interview. I got the job the next day. She's got great people skills and is doing an amazing job with matching people with relevant opportunities in the industry. She also helps employers see what their options are and how to find the right candidate for the job. Lynn is great at helping students and employers within the furniture industry. Would highly recommend speaking to her!

Maria, Project Manager


Lynn was instrumental in helping me get my job in the furniture industry. After graduating I had limited connections and relied on design websites for job listings, I struggled for months to get a job in industry. I couldn't be happier doing what I'm doing now. She was with me every step of the way for advice and support. I can say for certain, I could not have done it with out her. Having the backing and the help from Lynn, who is so greatly respected, knows the industry better than most and cares about good people doing good jobs, is totally invaluable. I could not possibly recommend her enough.

Martha, Project Manager


Just to tell you that straight after the trial, they offered me the job!! Thank you so much for making it happen, it’s a really nice workshop.

Gill, Furniture Maker position, NE London

I’m loving it!! I’m working on drawings for a chalet the moment and will start designing a New Collection for the company in the next few months with some of the workshop guys. Thank you so much for helping me get this job!

John, CAD designer, Midlands


I had the pleasure of being in the first year of Lynn taking the position as MA Furniture Design Course Leader years ago. It was a great course that allows the individual the freedom to focus on a particular topic they are passionate about, while developing their product design skills. I got my first job at my MA Show and never looked back since, so a big thank you to Lynn!

Emma, Director, Contract Furniture and Interiors company



Ollie is GREAT, we are keeping him! Thank you so much for finding him for us!!

JG, Gloucestershire


We are really looking forward to J joining the team.

Also, Ollie, our intern, who I am pretty sure came via you – is a star!

Thank you!

MC, Norfolk


We were very impressed with her portfolio, her positive attitude and think that she will be a fantastic addition to our team. It was probably a bit of a shock on the day when I told her we would like to offer her a job, but we are strong believers in fate and like to move swiftly!

JH, Norfolk


Lynn has set up a unique recruitment business with a broad network of creative people. 
She has been very successful in finding our most talented designers. I think you will like her…PS. Thanks for finding me my lovely girls Lynn!

MB, Windsor


Thanks for all your help Lynn and speak soon. BTW, she is marvellous, an absolute super-star find. All thanks to you!

TD, High Wycombe


You are amazing! Crazy, crazy, super busy Covid times !!! So glad that Lynn was able to help so swiftly and effectively. Thank you Lynn, once again, for your incredible support!

FD, NT University, Nottingham


I wish I had had a mentor like you when I was at college. Thanks for helping us find just the best person.

JD, Gloucestershire




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